Dear Fiber Artists,
Are you someone who keeps a journal of all projects you have made throughout the year?  Saving the swatch you made and labels from the yarn used and listing how many skeins, what size you made, important notes and, of course, a picture!
Wouldn’t it be a wonderful idea to do this with each blessing we recognize throughout the year?  Making a list as reminders and holding them close to our hearts.
This past year has been a whirlwind.  On January 10th, we will be celebrating our one year anniversary.  I remember the day we opened like it was yesterday.  Todd and I gathered with our employees and family that morning to share a prayer.  I remember walking to the door and unlocking it.  I remember turning our sign to read “open”.  It was a cold and icy day with freezing rain coming down.  For some reason, the rain was dripping upstairs just perfect so the alarms kept going off!  “Fire, Fire, Please exit the building”  By mid afternoon, the ceiling in the back began to slowly drip. Nothing was going to bring me down from the excitement of realizing a dream and one by one blessings began to walk through the door.  Old friends, new friends….. the day etched in my mind like a journal.  Each entry like a stitch knitted into the piece that makes up The Lost Sheep.
Please come and celebrate with us!  We will have our journal showing how the shop was built – piece by piece, stitch by stitch.  We will also have some in-store specials throughout the day.  Come help us celebrate you!