Dear Fiber Friends,
I love road trips, but I admit I am a bit nervous when it comes to BIG cities. A few months ago, Todd asked what I thought about a road trip to Memphis with him for a 3 day conference. Road trip? My first thought was Memphis is about a 10 hour drive each way. That totals up to 20 hours of knitting!! (Did I mention I’m much more relaxed in the car if I am a bit distracted.)
And so last week I went on my first true knit-cation! About a week before we left, I carefully chose and packed (ok, overpacked) my projects. (The morning we left, I quickly packed clothes.) I decided to knit the Endless Wrap on the road because it was only an eight row repeat. I soon realized this was the right choice. It knits up on a size 11 needle and the yarn, Blue Sky Fibers Woolstok, is so soft. This will be our next knit-along!
I have also found that knitting and crocheting are icebreakers on their own. It draws others with the same interest into conversation. I had wonderful conversations with strangers who share in the love of working with different fibers, creating something beautiful. One young women shared that her aunt is teaching her to knit. She was an employee of the hotel where we stayed and asked if I could help her if she brought her knitting. After we spoke, she was all smiles about the possibilities of what she could create.
The next time you are planning to travel for business, vacation, or even better – a knit-cation, carefully choose a project that you can comfortably navigate. Sit back, relax and enjoy new conversations with new friends you meet along the way.